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27 November 2020 (Green Friday)Tiger Beetles are frequently seen scurrying underfoot along the trail. They move so fast that they have to stop occasionally to see where they are going. So why are they bright green? More on this subject here


26 October 2020 – You may have noticed that the fall foliage this year was muted relative to other years. The reasons why leaves turn red is not fully understood. The full story is called Autumn Leaf Colors

Red maple and yellow white oaks



1 September 2020 – The Snapping Turtle is nothing to fear unless you have chelonaphobia – or perhaps if you are a University of Maryland fan – more here

Snapping Turtle West Virginia 200716
Snapping Turtles cross roads to get to nesting sites, like this one in western Virginia




3 August 2020 – The Compleat Ambler

Published July 2020 by William Needham. A supplement to Hiker’s Notebook as a guidebook for how to enjoy walking in the woods and what it can do for you. Available in bookstores Details here

Compleat Ambler Cover












24 July 2020 – Walkingstick, an ent in the making. Twig insects epitomize evolution. More here

The brown twig-like walkingstick can only be easily seen silhouetted against a green leaf, where it is precariously perched with its legs splayed.











3 July 2020  – Inky cap mushrooms are different – from shaggy manes to mica caps. More here

Coprinus comatus shaggy mane Pyrenees 1509110
Coprinus comatus is also called  lawyer’s wig and shaggy mane
















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